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Tuesday, August 14, 2018 5:05:40 AM

Onegin in love essays Love doesn’t have to hurt but it often seems to. Love is such a strong positive emotion that it is inevitable that there will be some pain associated with it at the same time. We see this theme is Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Beautiful Helplessness demonstrated in a movie called Onegin written by Alexander Pushkin. One of the scenes that caught my attention was about when Onegin came to Tatiana’s house for dinner and as soon as Tatiana saw him at the dinner table she couldn’t take her eyes of a him. After the dinner Tatiana decides to write a letter to Onegin and has it sent to Onegin. During those times it was understood that it wouldn’t be socially inappropriate for a young unmarried girl to take the first step to express how she feels especially without the knowledge of her mother. When Onegin read her letter he decides to burn it yet he grabbed it right back out of the fire. For a moment it seemed that he wanted to burn it but then again he changed his mind. However he decides to give the letter back to her This is the Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Beautiful Helplessness to Tatiana that he doesn’t feel the same way about her. Returning the letter was the first sign of the rejection. Until he talked to her face to face. He said to her that “I think you are charming” yet Heres What Kids *Really* Learn In Kindergarten That Go Beyond The ABCs & 123s down inside he does not a bit think that Tatiana is charming. I saw it in the movie that when he looks at her he feels that he doesn’t belong with her. Because she is not up to his class level it seemed to me that there was some sort of fear when he was with her. While Tatiana started to pour her heart out to Onegin he seemed careless about it, he was scared of responsibility he was lazy and he though that allowing himself to love would bring him emotional burdens. After six years he decides to return to Saint Petersburg within those six years Essay: The Foresight of Bernard Lewis seemed to change he cared what was going around himself. He seems to know what he wants out of his life and I am guessing it is a little too late for that. People .

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