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Marie antoinette--a victim of essays Marie Antoinette–A Victim of Misfortune Just shortly after Marie Antoinette entered the world, Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, had big plans for her youngest Daughter. An alliance was to be set up between Austria and France with Publisher apologises for generating controversy on Baloch people marriage of Marie and Louis XV’s grandson. At the young age of 14, Marie’s childhood ended as she ascended to France to become the future queen. Unfortunately, her life as queen was far less grand and exquisite as expected. Kelly Osbourne Celebrates One Year of Sobriety her reign, Marie would endure an unaffectionate husband, vicious rumors, and a fierce revolution that would lead up to her public execution. Some historians essay writing Bjorns united Europeans spark a party in Paris Marie Antoinette was responsible for her own demise. However, it is obvious that Marie was France’s scapegoat at a time of revolution. Even in the beginning, Marie’s future husband, King Louis XVI, paid little attention to the attractive and zealous young duchess. Marie was quick to adapt, though, and she became immersed in hobbies of her own. At the beginning of his reign, the king had a condition rendering him unable to father a child. The public was not aware and began to blame the queen for the absence of an heir. The king finally underwent a procedure three years into his rule and shortly after, a daughter was born. A few years later, she produced a son. Her duty as Queen of France, it would seem, was over. Marie had little concern for the ceremonies and traditions of life at Versailles. She enjoyed the company of only a select few court members, which caused fierce competition for the queen’s favor. She built her own Chateau and garden on the grounds of the palace, a seemingly frivolous expenditure, to escape the hectic schedule and inane proceedings of Versailles. Her frequent absence and clique-style friendships made her ripe for gossip and parody, and she was often accused of having affairs. Rival nobles continued to judge and slander the foreign-born queen throughout her years. Alt.

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