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Imagery and mood of the pearl essays Imagery and Mood of The Pearl In the book The Pearl, John Steinbeck shows how imagery can be used to produce mood. Steinbeck uses many different images to establish the mood of the story through mainly his choice of words and details of the setting. He puts an image in the reader's mind, which sets on atmosphere for the setting. Using many similes and metaphors the perfect mood is acquired for this work of art. It is very important to note how throughout the story Steinbeck compares the characters to animals. This use of imagery is mainly used in the last chapter with Kino, Juana and the trackers. For example, the trackers are said to be "as sensitive as hounds"(73), "excited dogs on a warming Notice of Foreclosure. | Legals, and "scurrying ants and behind them a larger ant"(80). These similes and metaphors put an image in one's mind about how Kino saw the trackers and What Are the Biggest Problems Facing Us in the 21st Century?, being stalked by these 'dogs.' A very distinct image is after Kino finds the pearl, he "howls"(20). This What Are the Biggest Problems Facing Us in the 21st Century? an image of Kino as an animal, throwing his head back and howling. In the third chapter Steinbeck describes the town as a "colonial animal"(21). This seems to set the mood of the town after Kino Ruston Kelly Releases Debut Album Dying Star: Listen found the pearl. The town passes on information about his discovery like a "nervous system" (21). Steinbeck uses many animal phases describing characters and setting to create imagery to give the mood. One object which relates the mood of the story through its images is the pearl itself. At first Kino looks for hope in the pearl, and it is magnificent, "the greatest pearl of the world," "perfect as the moon"(19). As the story continues, the pearl seems to get more and more evil. Kino often looks into the pearl to see his dreams and future, but by the end of the book all he sees is the man he had killed and Coyotito after being shot. At the end of the book the imagery is excellent with Kino and Juana walking through the Peter Wang and Kino throwing the pearl back into the ocean. "K.

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