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Monday, August 06, 2018 7:51:44 AM

Classical hollywood film: it happened one night essays The movie, It Happened One Night by Frank Capra, is an excellent example of a classical Hollywood film. It shows many of the qualities to be a classical Hollywood film. The film shows many different mise-en-scene, good character development, and narrative structure. All these are a must to have a classical Hollywood film. Mise-en-scene is “the relation of everything within the shot to everything else within the shot” (Belton 350). It can “range from purely essay on Will the US waste $100+ billion on SLS areas of expression, such as Melania trip: 5 things you need to know Monday essay Trump inauguration crowd photos were edited after he intervened, costume design…lighting… to purely filmic techniques, such as camera movement, camera angel, camera distance, and composition” (350). Mise-en-scene is a way to help tell a story. Theatrical areas of expression can really set the mood for a scene or even tell a lot about what may happen. In the opening scene it can be seen that set design is on a boat with surrounding water. Latter in the scene it is seen that Ellen jumps Welcome Tara Lohan the boat into the water. Costume design can tell a lot about a character without the character even saying anything. You can tell that Ellen is a rich girl by the way she dresses. The lighting in the movie is taped in low key. There are shadows in a lot of the scenes. The characters almost always have shadows on their face. Although, there are a few scenes where there is star lighting. An example is the hay stack scene of Ellen when Peter is putting his coat over her. He is all shadowed out and all you really see is her face. This lighting makes Ellen’s expressions readable. There is natural light used in the opening scene on the boat. The natural light comes from the sun. There are many transitions used in the film. The cut transition is used a lot in the beginning and throughout the film. The fade is used at the end of the hay stack scene. The wipe is also used throughout the film. The 180? Rule is used in the movie which makes this a good example of a classical Hollywood film. Miking is us.

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