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Multicultural music education essays Multicultural Music Education Every continent on the planet has their own culture, while every country on those continents have theirs, and every city in those countries have their own culture, while the people and families that live in those cities have their own. Everyone was brought up different and have different views on life and different tastes for what they like and do Uhuru backs Railas proposal for state to assist Kenyans write memoirs like from foods, to activities, 2017s Hottest Trend: Poisoning Your Man With Mushrooms places, and even music. “Music knows no bound’ries, of mountains, plains or seas; its language can be understood, by world-wide brotherhood”. It does not matter what language you speak, what gender you are, or what religion, race, culture, or class is, “Music speaks to the human heart in every earthly clime; with one known Giving Malaria a Deadline essay it must import a harmony sublime” – Edward Todd. The education of multicultural music is very important in our world to help each other view our own individual cultures and to promote diversity. Here in the United States, there are so many different cultures that to be a music teacher in the classroom, you almost have to prepare yourself to be a multicultural teacher. One of the ways that you can tie multicultural music into your lessons is teach them the things that are different about this culture in reference to the things that they already know like rhythm, pitch, structure, tone color, and keys. Another way is to have the students play and perform the music. Not only are you teaching them the music, but you are also having them hear it more and learn to play it. The challenges of teaching multicultural music is that sometimes, teachers might have a class with a large amount of Hispanic people and hardy any Caucasian, but maybe a few Europeans also, so the real Angel Versus Bully Is The Storyline Of New Novel By Award Winning Author Jody Sharpe is figuring out which kind of music is multicultural and as a teacher, you have to know everything about the type of music you chose for the time being and “we must teach music in a way that ref.

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