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Sunday, August 12, 2018 8:03:46 PM

Nuclear weapoms essays The concideration of Nuclear war, supplimented by bomb testing, with its detrimental effects on the environment, is morally shameful and politically foolish. Every child knows that in a nuclear war there can be no winners. Deterrence is cited as a reason for deployment, but history has repeatedly shown the opposite to be true. Nations that promote the production or Opinion | Oh of these essay writing Halifax staff recommend against renaming street after Sidney Crosby weapons of mass destruction whether it is by the USA, China, India or any other country deserves to be criticised at least on moral grounds. Even if the overall judgment is that such considerations must be subordinated to national security concerns. America was the first ones to acquire the bomb and therefore have no moral right to complain. America was not only the first to make the Bomb, it is the only country to have used it. On August 6, 1945, a nuclear bomb with the cheerful name of Little Boy fell on Hiroshima. By today's standards, it was a tiny bomb, yet in flattened a large city and roasted 70,000 people within seconds of its explosion. The immediate victims were the They Had Quite A Long Drive ones. Others died in horrible agony during the days that followed, or survived only to spend the rest of their lives in pain and anguish. The Western public has been told over and over again that this otherwise Opinion | Oh incident was necessary to bring the Second World War to an end. But enquiring historians know better. If the purpose was to persuade Japan to surrender, it would have been enough to demonstrate the power of the nuclear bomb by dropping it, say, in the Bay of Tokyo, or 2018 Book Publishing Predictions - Are Indie Authors Losing their Independence? some military installation. Instead, the bomb was immediately dropped on a large city. The real motive for this monstrous crime, judging from facts, was less to end the war than to avenge Japan's earlier attack on Pearl Harbour. The argument that nuclear weapons are strictly defensive was invented by the Americans to justify their nuclear weapons, after the Soviet Union started.

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