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Monday, August 06, 2018 1:38:53 PM

Essay on my worst experience I debated whether or not I should answer this, simply because I feel like a broken record responding to so many similar questions with the same answer, but then I realized I have a something different to contribute with this specific question, so here it goes. In one of my college classes, our professor asked the entire class to think about the most important moment in their whole life up until that point. We each got in front of the class and spoke about it. Some people talked about standing up to their parents for the first time, some talked about having their first Krispy Kreme, it was all over the place, but very interesting nonetheless. I personally talked about when my parents got divorced. As a fourth grader with a toddler-aged sister, it was earth-shattering to me. I didn't understand it. 7 commonly misused words that could ruin your resume surely thought it would be the worst thing to have 7 commonly misused words that could ruin your resume happened to me. I went on to talk about the fact that my mom remarried and I had two step brothers close in age to me, how I loved them and how I got used to the idea of this new family. Then it happened again, my step-dad and mom divorced. only for my parents to get back together and remarry while I was in high school! It's a very remarkable story, one I'm really happy to tell and honestly, there are some days that it felt like it never really happened. I think about how I told this story and how some of it was so painful at the time to even think about. But. I'm not here to talk about that moment. That moment is NOTHING compared to the absolute toughest time in my life to date, which happened on Sunday, July 24, 2011. I was 25. I got a call around 9am on a Sunday from my aunt. I just figured I'd call back later, but she kept calling and calling. I finally listened to her voicemail and it sounded awful. Her voice was trembling and she said I need to call her back and that it's important. I did so ‘Annihilation’ Explained: Unpacking Alex Garland’s Brilliant, Trippy Sci-Fi Horror Film told me that my mom, dad, 19-year old sister, and Stan and Fran (our two family terriers) passed away in my dad's plane that morning (he was the pilot) as they were trying to fly to Florida for my sisters internship. She said they hardly got off the ground when a gust of wind toppled the plane and that they weren't in pain and that it all happened so fast. My world was officially, truly, crushed. Not like I ever though it was before. No divorce, no fight, no confusion I've ever experienced before could've compared me for this. Nothing. All I could do was scream on the phone, cry, and my boyfriend held me and cried with me. I just remember saying "All of them!?" like it was some cruel joke. This specific moment has haunted me for the past year. I had to move from that apartment entirely because I couldn't even be in my own bedroom anymore, it just brought me back to thinking about when I got that news. Nothing can ever truly describe it either. I almost went with them, I almost took off work to go. I immediately WISHED I would've been with them, but then immediately felt selfish and therefore guilty. I thought about how I had almost had my mom convinced that we could watch the dogs for them while they were gone. A bazillion things rushed into my mind. All the while, my heart felt like it was literally a black hole, sucking my sternum in with the most immense pressure. It's hard though, because that one moment has brought on so many more that are on my "worst I've ever felt" list. Just to name a few: The way I felt after the visitation. As everything was being cleaned up and I was exhausted from hugging everyone I've ever met in my entire life, Galaxy S9 Reviews Will Be Critical After Samsungs Awkward Problems 7 girl friends surrounded me, held my hands, rubbed my back, laid their head in my lap and we all just ugly cried together for a solid while. It truly set in that my family was gone right then, but it was also a moment I will forever be thankful for because it was so good to know that my friends were there for me and I knew they could FEEL my pain. It was one of those connections that you felt and no one needed to say anything. The way I felt in my parents empty house on Christmas after my aunts and uncles and grandparents left and it was just my boyfriend (I don't know what I would do without him) and our pets. The way I felt on every single one of their birthdays, even the dogs. I would try to take the day off of work and just do something in memory of them. This meant watching bad Nicholas Cage movies and eating burgers on my dad's bday, eating manicotti and watching Tombstone and westerns on my moms, and getting my nails done and watching Arrested Development on my sisters. Very bittersweet, very difficult but a new tradition that I'm really happy about. And I of course celebrate Fran and Stans by spoiling my dogs and donating to the ASPCA :) Losing my cat, Richard, last March. Other than myself, he was the last member of our immediate family and it really hit me that I'm the only one left. Mothers, Fathers, and sibling/sister's day There are a bazillion more, moment to moment, and I guess that's part of what's so painful, is that it won't stop. Nothing will bring them back. There's no one to be angry at, it was no one's fault. It's just always going to be hard. People will always make me frustrated. I will have to bite my tongue when they complain on Facebook how they miss their family so much when they're only hours away or, even worse, when they write about how they're in a fight with someone in their family. It's not worth it. Life seriously is far too short and can stop in the blink of an eye (which is why sayings like "FML" should never be uttered/typed/hashtagged again mind you!) and I guess the only way people really realize that is if they know people like me or essay on Doc performs rare boy/stuffed bear surgery | NewsCut people like me. I guess in the end that's what makes me want to answer this question. For those of you reading, you need to know that you are not invincible to things like this happening. My parents and sister were all the nicest people you could ever imagine, we were all in great health, there is no amount of bad karma (this instance is why I don't believe in it anymore) that could strike back this fierce. There was nothing they did to deserve this. This is happenstance, this is a fluke/bad luck/coincidence or whatever you want to call it. So please PLEASE PLEASE be thankful for what you have!

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