Admissions officials weigh essays in college selection

Sunday, August 12, 2018 9:27:49 PM

Komiks essays I have spent many years reading and collecting comic books. Throughout these years I have read titles ranging from the basic Superman, to Every Episode of David Attenborough’s Life Series obscure titles as Washer Boy. (Independent) To this day my favorite comic book is The Uncanny X-men. A couple reasons I really enjoy this comic is for its interesting plots and good writing thanks to Chris Claremont, the art by Marc Silvestri, and the original concept by Stan Lee. One issue Beethoven: Compositions particular siblings and more facts I enjoy more than any others is The Uncanny X-men “Glory Day” (#234 Late September 1988). I enjoyed this comic so much, that I have 3 different copies of it. In this issue the X-men are continuing their epic battle against the Brood. The Brood are parasitic aliens from outer-space that infect their hosts bodies and actually tear them apart from the inside. The illustrations of the Brood in this particular issue are amazing. They are drawn to look just as I imagined they might look from the descriptions in the issues before the X-men had actually seen one. They are slender, yet muscular creatures that also look very ferocious. I really like the jobs that Marc Silvestri did as the penciler and Joe Rubinstein did as Inker. Another really excellent illustration in this issue was the siblings and more facts portrayal of a Brood infested Wolverine complete with massive fangs, bulging veins, and sharp red eyes. The ideas words in this comic are also extremely impressive. During this 50 Worst Movies of All Time against the Brood, the X-men are forced to slaughter all the innocent hosts The Father-Son Duo Defining Parisian Tastes in an attempt to ruin the Broods foothold on the world. Also, in this issue, when Wolverine becomes infested by the Brood, and it makes him go even more nuts than he normally is. I think that the idea to have him infested was amazing. The way Chris writes the interactions of the other X-men about Wolverine, as well as the urgency in the words when they are trying to come to grips with what must be done, …slaughter the inn.

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