No joke: This city in Canada just got more than a foot of snow...

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Mercy defeats justice essays Mercy is simply one of those actions that is easier said than done. One may be quick to receive this undeserving Feeling the impact of cultural tourism beyond the majors, but he hesitates Tina Turner on Graham Norton he needs to extend it to others. Vengeful and bitter feelings can block mercy from people’s vision and create a desire to let the one who has done wrong suffer dreadful consequences. In the Merchant of Venice, Shylock adamantly desired for Antonio to suffer; in which case, Antonio was brought to court to suffer the consequences of a previously set bond. However, justice did not prove to be the most desirable Surfing into Adolescence in the end. In this court room scene, mercy defeated the claims of justice by a strict observance of justice itself. Shylock tenaciously insisted on adhering to the claims of justice. Although Shylock couldn’t declare an exact reason for his revengeful desire, he claimed that it was “…more than a lodg’d hate and a certain loathing [against Antonio]” that served as the foundation for his vengeance. Shylock’s bitterness towards his and Antonio’s previous interactions built a wall of hatred between the two. As a result, there was no reasoning that could break through the barrier of Shylock’s malicious desire. Even when Shylock was offered double the money that was owed, he refused and asserted, “My deeds upon my head! I crave the law, the penalty and forfeit of my bond.” Although the bond was made to assure that Antonio paid his loan, money was never the issue in claiming the outcome of the law. Shylock’s main concern was to feed his spiteful cravings; therefore, by claiming the penalty of breaking the bond, Shylock could heap suffering on Antonio. Shylock assumed that, by adhering to the claims of justice, Antonio would receive payback for how he wounded him in the past. Just as Shylock desired, there was a strict observance of justice in the courtroom. Shylock was grateful when he first heard that the doctor was authorizing the bond due to the fact tha.

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