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Lord of the flies quotes essays 1 - Ralph mocks Piggy at the start of the novel, yet mourns his death at the end. What is interesting about the early development of the relationship of Ralph and Piggy? Ralph gradually realises how valuable Piggy's ideas are and comes to rely on him It is significant that it was Piggy who suggested taking everyone's names, Piggy who knew how to blow the conch and Piggy who first realises no adult knows where they are. Ralph respects Piggy's ideas and sometimes wishes he had Piggy's intelligence. 2 - What is the significance of the first fire on the mountain? This fire shows us how relationships between the boys are developing and prepares us for future danger · It is significant in a number of ways. · Ralph and Jack start the fire together, still in partnership. The disastrous fire suggests their friendship will also have tragic results. · Something that was intended to do good turns bad - a boy is killed. It shows the island's capacity for harm, even death. · It pre-empts the fire at the end. Piggy's glasses are established as crucial tools. 3 Ridgemark refines new business plan Why is the beast such an important part of the plot? Because fear of the beast unites No Prices A Reasonable Coverage Is Essential For The Relative Using The Customers boys at a stage when their friendships are beginning to fall apart. · The beast, as Simon says, is "only us", but no one else recognises this. The others cope with their anxieties about being on the island by projecting their fear onto the unknown beast. · In chapter 8 the Lord of the Flies underlines that "I'm part of you" - in other words, there is always a "beast" that emerges if people try to live together. · Hunting the beast together should give Ralph and Jack a common purpose, but actually Jack gets even angrier with Ralph. · When they both 'see' the beast they have a common enemy. 4 - Why is the death of Simon so important? Because the manner of his death is horrific: even the sensible characters were involved. Even Ralph, Piggy and Samneric become sucked in to.

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