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Macbeth132 essays Macbeth is a play written by William Shakespeare in the early 17th century and is about death and deceit between Scottish nobles. At the time when the play was written the story in the play was very relevant, with witchcraft just becoming an executable offence and in the play a king is killed which was and a still is a very serious offence but even more back them because people thought West Salem Elementary honored as National Blue Ribbon School king was chosen by god, so killing a king was going against god and nature. Both of these things would have caused a lot of controversy. The play is also written for the king at the time James. One of his ancestors was Banquo a character in the play. In real life Banquo was evil but Shakespeare made Macbeth the evil one and Banquo the good one to please the King. Also the themes of deceit and rebellion are relevant to the time, mainly due to the gun powder plot than had only just happened. The first scene sets the scene with the mysterious gathering of the three witches. The use of thunder and lighting in the scene is a symbol of evil and gives a more hostile atmosphere. The witches’ prophesises meeting Macbeth upon the heath after the battle is complete The second scene is perhaps the true start to the play. In this scene a wounded sergeant is telling the king how Macbeth won the battle for the Scotland. Essay examples Is there such a thing as a guilt-free pudding? paints a picture of Macbeth being a very brave, courageous fighter and leader in battle. Duncan shows his gratitude to Macbeth by saying ‘O valiant cousin, worthy gentlemen.’ This shows that the king Giants Manning wants to prove they did make the right decision to stick with him so highly of Macbeth that he sees him as a relative. He also sees him as a brave and loyal soldier. However Macbeth seems to be particularly ruthless, this is very evident in the particularly brutal way he kills Macdonald, as described by the wounded sergeant ‘Till he unseam’d him from nave to the chaps, and fixed his head upon our battlement’. Macbeth seems not worried at all about the amount of bloodshed. However it seems th.

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