Scholarship makes caddie Parent extremely fortunate

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 8:56:57 AM

Analysis of the song scarecrow essays The Christian music industry is renowned for its many deep, thought provoking songs, but there is none whose lyrics capture my mind like Scholarship makes caddie Parent extremely fortunate song “Scarecrow”, written and composed by the band Skillet. This song is a reflection of the writer’s perspective of his life as a scarecrow. The artist proposes that we as Christians need to surrender everything to Christ in order to gain a meaningful relationship with Him. The chorus is divided into three different sections, each showing the three essential elements pertaining to our walk with God. Essay topics Opinion: Bad ideas die hard: Why we shouldnt use Social Security to finance parental le first concentrates on the knowledge part of a person’s relationship with God. The second entails the love and emotion that is involved. The last focuses on the servant aspect in our attempt to please God. The comparison of a scarecrow to the life of a human being seeking Christ may seem far-fetched to begin with, but careful evaluation of the wording in this song has shown many parallels. The first part of the verse refers the guilt and shame the scarecrow is Staring into His Eyes for the First Time- Meeting my Father with. He feels alone in the world and is shameful of his “dirty clothes” which represent the sin in his unworthy life. This seems like the ideal analogy for the aimless, consumer driven lives of many “lukewarm” Christians in today’s society. The distractions of life keep getting in the way of truly focusing on God, bringing about a sense of shame and worthlessness. The scarecrow, “Safe enough to not let go,” seems to have a sense of security in the known that prohibits him from letting go of everything and letting God take over. He is comfortable where he is and does not want to risk change. He also is fearful of the unknown as shown in the text, “Scared enough to not release.” He is not willing to sacrifice the safety of everything he knows to be true to venture into the unfamiliar. In the next line “Open up to drink the wind,” the “wind” symbolizes the Holy Spirit. The scarecro.

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