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Diversity of love in john fowles’ the collector essays A very important element 2018 John Fowles’ The Collector is the difference in views of the psychologically deranged, Ferdinand Clegg, and the rest of the “normal” society. Fowles demonstrates the diversity in the views of both parties by showing Clegg’s love for Miranda in chapter one, and by showing Miranda’s love for G.P. in her journal entries. Miranda’s love for G.P. is an understandable love, and is seen as “alive.” Clegg’s love for Miranda is a “dead love,” in that they could never be a couple and have a prosperous relationship which two people in love should have. Any normal person would know that Miranda could never love Clegg; however Clegg seems to think that Miranda may somehow have feelings for him. Love is something that must be shared equally by both individuals in a relationship, and cannot be bought with any sum of money. The novel starts out with Clegg Pioneering Irish filmmaker George Morrison Donates Archive To National Library of Ireland the reader an insight into his past. He has had a loveless upbringing in that his mother left him for prostitution, and his father died in an alcohol-related car accident. This abnormal childhood may have had an effect on his views for love. He resents his mother and would never want to meet her. “I essay topics American Pharoah Stakes (Grade I) September 29 care now, if she is still alive, I don’t want to meet her, I’ve got no interest…” (5). The only person who showed affection for Clegg was his Uncle Dick, who also passed away while Clegg was very young. Had his Uncle Dick still been alive, Clegg may not have followed through with his strange plans to capture Miranda. After winning the pools Clegg states, “When I held the pools cheque in my hands, he was the person, besides Miranda of course, I thought of. I would have given him the best rods and tackle and anything else he wanted. But it was not meant to be” (6). Obviously Miranda and Uncle Dick were the only two people Clegg felt he could relate to, and since Miranda was the only one alive, Clegg had no trouble.

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