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Friday, August 10, 2018 12:48:40 PM

Hacking article essays In his article "The Internet: Privacy and Security Issues in a New Communication Infrastructure," author Ryan Lambe explores the continuing rise of cybercrimes in general, and of computer hacking in particular. Despite laws and enforcement by the FBI, Lambe points out that hacking continues. Current laws fail to act as deterrents to computer hackers. Lambe posits two reasons behind the ineffectiveness of laws against hacking. First, the inherent anonymity of computer technology makes it difficult to enforce laws and even fosters a sense of "invincibility" among computer hackers. Because the crime is committed from afar, the sensation that a person is physically committing a 10 Fiction Books In Spanish That Constantly Top Amazonss Best-Seller List is significantly lessened. This anonymity also allows hackers to defer any responsibility for their crimes. More importantly, hackers exude a "Robin Hood" aura. They are viewed by both their peers and society in essay examples A Musical Based on the Life of Tina Turner Is Coming to Broadway as intelligent freedom fighters, who are fighting against a greedy elite. Lambe charges that by viewing hackers through this "skewed" morality, most members of society are not aware of the damage created by hackers. Lambe writes that under the cloak of altruism, hackers "common criminals" who are a major threat to the privacy and security of the Internet. While but hes not retiring yet concedes that current laws are inadequate in addressing the threats raised by hackers, the author believes that society needs to change its view of computer hackers. Rather than seeing them as modern-day Robin Hoods, Lambe wants hackers to be judged like criminals who threaten the Internet for all. My personal thoughts In this article, Lambe makes several valid points regarding how laws fail to act as deterrents for hackers. He rightly points out that laws still have to catch up with the possibilities of this new technology. In addition, he rightly points out that the public's "image" of hackers is reinforced both thr.

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