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Thursday, August 23, 2018 10:13:19 AM

Intel vs amd essays Choosing a processor can be a very difficult decision. Should I get the AMD Athlon? Is the Intel Celeron a good choice? Is the Pentium III The dos and donts of photo editing processor that I should get? Well each of those are valid questions. But which Processor is best for you? Well that is a question that only you can answer. Coming to a determination for yourself is not so simple. So what questions do you need to ask yourself? Well here is what I use to determine which Processor that I will put into my PC each time I build a new machine. First what is the primary use of this machine? For the gamers the Intel celeron is the best processor. This is due to the lack of level 2 cache. Video and video ram is most important to the gamer. If you are using strictly using business applications then the AMD Athlon is an excellent choice. The more ram the better with these machines and Win The History of How We Came to Revere Abraham Lincoln is a great OS for business applications. If your doing some games and business applications a decent amount of graphics and an excellent server processor then I like the Pentium III processor. The more ram the better and also the more video ram the better here too. This processor like the drafting programs and other processor intensive programs. Although all of the above processor will work in each other place they each function better in different roles. second consideration is price. The Intel Celeron processor is the least expensive of the Intel line of processors. a Celeron can be obtained for about $100 plus depending upon the speed. The AMD Athlon is a well priced Processor. The AMD processor family starts at under $100 and then goes up from there depending on the speed to upwards of over $600. The Intel Pentium III is a bit pricier processor starting around $250 to over $800 depending upon processor speed. Price although an important consideration is not that last consideration that I use for a final decision. Third processor reliability. T.

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