Malcolm Turnbull sidelines Bill Shorten by looking on bright side

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 3:23:00 PM

1920 essays “1920” is a short story written by Toni Morrison, an African American female whose basic theme of her stories is the Afro-American experience, particularly that of women. In her story “1920” she writes of a women named Helene, who is taking a trip down south to aid her sick and dying grandmother, with the company of her daughter Nel. This story takes place in November of 1920. The year plays a very important role in the story because it is right after World War 1, a time of much racism and segregation. During that time, the South was very racist and very segregated, so in this story you will see what Helene and her daughter go through on their trip south. “1920” is set in New Orleans, Louisiana at a place called the Sundown House. The Sundown House is where Helene grew up as a child; then moved up North with her husband near the Great Lakes. By her living up North for so long, she dreaded returning South, simply because of what she had endured as a child. Helene was born was born daughter of a Creole whore behind the red shutters of the Sundown House which had haunted Helene and her grandmother for years. As she’s on the train, the further south she goes, the worse it gets. In the beginning of the trip, the pit Fears for NHS as apprenticeships fail to plug gaps left by Brexit brain drain had bathrooms for colored people, toward the end there weren’t any. They would have to go in the bushes and squat. She is then reminded of her past and now has to adapt to her surroundings by talking and doing things blacks did in the south. Helene’s daughter Nell has now been exposed to the racism and segregation that’s going on in the south. It is a shame for a ten-year-old girl to be exposed to that, especially when she doesn’t understand what’s happening. I personally think of Fears for NHS as apprenticeships fail to plug gaps left by Brexit brain drain setting as being mold. I say this because the setting causes her to do or and More a certain way. She.

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