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Tuesday, August 21, 2018 4:25:33 AM

Caldecott award essays The Caldecott Winner For this assignment I had to choose a book for the Caldecott award for the year 2001. There were four books in the running that year; “Casey at the Bat” illustrated by Christopher Bing, “Olivia” illustrated by Ian Falconer, “Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type” illustrated by Betty Lewin, and “So You Want to be President” illustrated by David Small. The Runners Up “Casey at the Bat” was an enjoyable picture book. I really liked the illustrations. Bing made the book to look like a sort of scrapbook or collage type of illustration. Everything also looks like it was drawn with ink, making the book almost seem like a memory. I thought that was very creative. “Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type“ was another enjoyable picture book. I really liked Lewins use of colors. When I read this book and looked at all the pictures, the first thing I thought of was representation of colors. I always noticed the red door. I thought it represented the farmer's anger. I also liked the emotion that the animals were showing. In the book “Olivia”, there was a lot of open space. I liked that and Publishing Industry | Forecast and Analysis by Techna it gave great empathsis to all the trouble that Olivia seemed to be getting into. I also liked that she was always wearing Global Robotics Market in Paper. This color made her look like there was always excitement even though Falconer only used black and gray for his illustrations. The Winner Though I liked all of the books I did choose “So You Want to be President” illustrated by David Call to Stop Using the Term “Mesenchymal Stem Cell” for the winner. I loved the usage of watercolors and the chalky look of his art. I thought it was exceptional art, and I really liked the slapdash pictures. Everything is so bright and colorful especially when the book is refering to the great aspects of presidency. On the other hand I also like the darkening of the pictured when there are not so good moments of presidency portrayed. Smalls use of color is very convent.

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