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Analysis of the new singles essays The article that will be evaluated in this particular essay is taken from Newsweek’s ‘Society and Arts’ (dating August 14,2000), which is titled as ‘The New Singles’ and it is written by Carla Power in cooperation with US Open: Roger Federer throws support behind Naomi Osaka following heart breaking admission essay Francis, in Paris and Stefan Theil, in Berlin. As it can be understood from the title it is about the people in Europe, who prefer living alone. Throughout the article, different lifestyles and different choices of people, who are living alone, are reflected. While doing that, the reasons and the outcomes of living alone are given with some additional information including, statistics and research results. The article shows that there is a certain shift away from family life to solo lifestyle. Day after day more and more people decide to live alone. Reasons are various. Personal ones are; to have an independent and colorful life, to have an own place in which one can find peace and solitude, to escape from a routine family life, social ones are; the revolution in the field of communications, the shift from a stable business culture to a mobile one, increasing rates of working women… Consequently, these reasons direct people to live alone. According to sociologist Jean-Cloude Kaufmann whose ideas take palace in the article, the ‘home-alone’ phenomenon is ‘irresistible momentum of individualism’. And also, a research made by Richard Scace reveals that in the year of 2010, the number of single person households Review: ‘Golden Job’ a tarnished Chinese action film be more than the number of families and couples who are living together. This may be as a consequence of broken families, relationships that come to an end, and a search for a self determined life. The outcomes of home-alone phenomenon are also discussed in the article. For instance, people who sought freedom or need solitude are more apt to drink alcohol and as it is mentioned in the article over the past five years, these people became the mainstay for British Drinks industry. O.

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